The Women of troy

Blue Elephant Theatre - London

Dir: Ricky Dukes

Photographer: Adam Trigg


‘The production benefits from the superb lighting design of Alex Musgrave, whose eye for detail conjures multiple worlds and spaces in the narrow confines of the studio’.
—The Women of Troy - K.Quarmb. —

‘There is some suitably dramatic lighting from Alex Musgrave and sound effects from Nick Kent which help compound the feelings of isolation and oppression of these women’.

— The Women of Troy - Fourth Wall Magazine. —

‘Visually the production is a pleasure.  Alex Musgrave’s lighting is quite magnificent, creating wonderful, sculpted images with bodies, smoke and light.  It is brave too – with the entire confrontation between Hecuba and Helen happening in near-darkness’.

 — The Women of Troy - Louise Radinger, Fringe Review. —